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CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

The 2023 Main Season CSA registration is OPEN!

CSA is a grassroots movement to bring consumers into a closer relationship with their food producers. Become a member of our CSA program to receive a weekly food box full of delicious, seasonal produce.


Gathering Together Farm started the CSA program in 1996. Over the years, the relationships we have developed with our members have proved important and enriching for all involved. We offer you a rooted connection to our farm and the food you eat.

Reasons to Become a CSA Member:


We offer multiple pick-up locations in Corvallis, Newport, Portland, and of course here in Philomath.

We grow 40 different crops in 100 different varieties, so your box is always full of a diversity of produce. You can enjoy the convenience of a weekly box of produce which provides the finest fruits and vegetables of each season.



As a member of our farm CSA, you will...

  • Eat locally grown, organic food harvested only a day or so before you pick it up, minimizing shipping and packing costs, and maximizing freshness and flavor.

  • Support a small family farm devoted to working in an ecological and sustainable manner.

  • Strengthen our community by re-establishing the link between farmers, food, and families.

What's in a CSA Box?

What's in CSA Box

Your produce will vary from week to week, depending on what's in season. Take a look at our CSA Newsletters from last year to get a good idea of what you'll be getting in your box this year. 

CSA Registration Details

CSA Details



2023 Pricing

$700 if registered and paid before April 1st

$725 if registered and paid after April 1st

Payment methods:

Check is our preferred method of payment -- mailed to Gathering Together Farm.

For credit card and debit card payments -- please contact us, and we will send you an invoice, with a $30 surcharge added in order to offset card costs.

SNAP Cards are accepted and you can use your Food Benefits towards part of 

your membership purchase. Double Up Food Bucks provides matching money

to GTF and other farms that are part of the PNW CSA Coalition,

making CSA more affordable while helping farmers earn a living.

This means that for eligible members, DUFB will pay up to 50% of your share!

“Double Up Food Bucks are limited and available on a first-come,

first-serve basis.”

Payment plans:

We offer a payment plan, too, if paying for our CSA share up-front would be a hardship.  Please see the details on the sign-up form.  

Salad Options

Your CSA box will include a head of lettuce and possibly other greens each week. But if you eat salad every day, you may want to add a bag of our mixed salad greens on a regular basis. "Salad Lovers" receive salad mix twice a month, and "Salad Addicts" receive salad mix every week.


None (No salad bag)

$110 - Salad Lovers (2/3-lb bag twice/month)

$175 - Salad Addicts ( 2/3-lb bag every week)

Season Length

The CSA season lasts 21 weeks starting the week of June 13th through October 29th.

Vacation Policy

You may sign up for 2 vacation credits in the 21-week season. Tell us at least 7 days in advance, and we will give you a $30 coupon for a standard box, or $35 for a salad week box. The more notice, the better! The coupons can be applied to purchases at the Farmstand, any market location, or to special orders during the season.

Location Switching

If you need to switch your pick-up location for one week, it is extremely helpful for us if you can notify us 7 days in advance so that we can make the switch before the boxes are already wrapped and packed on the trucks. Last-minute emergency switches will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Forgot Your Box?

If you forgot to pick up your box or you went to the wrong pick-up site, you can still get it! All missed boxes will be brought back to the Philomath Farmstand and can be picked up there any time until Thursday evening. Friday mornings and Monday mornings, boxes that have not been picked up will be donated to the gleaners.

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