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CSA Registration Details
-Main and Fall seasons-

The 2024 Main Season CSA registration is OPEN!

​​2024 Pricing

$750 if registered and paid after April 1st

Payment methods:

Check is our preferred method of payment -- mailed to Gathering Together Farm.

For credit card and debit card payments -- please visit our online store here, a $30 surcharge added in order to offset card costs for Main season shares, and a $5 for Fall season CSA shares.

Payment plans:

We offer a payment plan, too, if paying for our CSA share up-front would be a hardship.  Please see the details on the sign-up form.  

Salad Options

Your CSA box will include a head of lettuce and possibly other greens each week. But if you eat salad every day, you may want to add a bag of our mixed salad greens on a regular basis. "Salad Addicts" receive salad mix every week. This will be an additional cost to your membership of

$185 - Salad Addicts ( 2/3 lb bag every week)

Season Length

The CSA season lasts 21 weeks starting the week of June 10th through October 28th.

Fall Season 

FALL CSA will be an additional 4 weeks, you can sign up now or later (there's a $20 discount if you pay for the Fall CSA along your main season membership). This program will follow the main season, from the week of Nov 5th until the week of Nov 28th.


$120 Regular Fall CSA

Additional $35 if you'd like to get a Salad Addict Fall CSA membership 


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